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Maria contacted me to discuss her new hypnobirthing business and was looking for help with her brand identity and website.  As a newly qualified hypnobirthing instructor with The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme; Maria was really passionate about helping pregnant women to  feel confident, prepared and empowered ready for labour and the arrival of their baby.

Maria’s a mum of three herself and is a passionate believer that birth can be an amazing and empowering experience if you have the right antenatal education.

Ideal clients

Maria’s ideal clients were middle class with disposable income to be able to afford private classes and open to holistic therapies, so they might like mindfulness, yoga.

They might have also come across hypnobirthing when they become pregnant the second time, after a traumatic birth experience. Some might be recommended to attend by the midwifes or doctors.

The brand name

Maria already had a business name and domain name from a previous blog that she was considering continuing with, however the discovery process through up some doubt as to its suitability and uniqueness and so we brainstormed suitable alternatives and Tranquilo Birthing was born. This was a nod to both Maria’s heritage as she is Spanish and also that her aim is for clients to have a peaceful and calm birth.

Tranquilo = Calm, Peaceful in Spanish.

The concept

It’s an exciting time of life so we wanted to show that and also keep the brand approachable and avoid the obvious pregnancy design tropes. It’s a bold concept with a fun and playful tone of voice and stands out from other hypnobirthing businesses.

The typeface used for the logotype was chosen for its relaxed, approachable and friendly feel. To make it unique the dot of the ‘i’ was removed and replaced with a hand drawn heart shape. A heart being chosen as the symbol of love.

The motif’s in the pattern include a pelvis style shape, a fetus influenced shape and a heart.

“Natalie is a pleasure to work with. I have worked with other developers and designers in the past and I haven’t had the same experience.
Natalie is very friendly, extremely organised and reliable and she has great ideas. I absolutely love the finish product and will continue to work with her as I see my business grow.
Nothing is too much trouble for her, she has researched different functionalities that I needed to find the most suitable alternative and she has come up with a contemporary design for my brand.
I recommend her work to anybody looking for a great website and new branding.”

Maria Fernanda Ballerio

Tranquilo Birthing

Tranquilo Birthing logo and pattern