Joliver Finance & Consulting Services web page

Dovehouse Upholstery

Brand Identity, One page WordPress Website

Completed in 1.5 VIP Days

Joliver Accounting website mockup
Joliver Accounting Website homepage
Joliver Accounting Website homepage

It was very exciting seeing a website develop so quickly. Being given access to the website and seeing it in reality was my favourite part of the experience.

Kirsty came to me looking for brand identity and website for her fledgling business. She was looking to have a professional visual identity that she could apply across various collateral and that would help her market her business with confidence.

We spent a total of 1.5 days to complete the following work

Brand identity – Logotype, brand colours, typography and brand guidelines.

Website -A one page WordPress website that can expand and grow as Kirsty’s business does.

View the Dovehouse Upholstery website here

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