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Alison Joy Nutrition Website and Brand Identity
Alison Joy Nutrition Business Card Mockup

Alison Joy Nutrition- THE BRIEF

Alison first contacted me when she was starting up as a Nutritional Therapist. She was living in Twickenham and where there was a high density of nutrition professionals locally and so she really needed to stand out and be set apart from the other nutritions in her area.


Alison Joy Website

We started by looking at the competition to see how we could differentiate her business and found they predominantly had typographic logos and colours tended to be neutrals with splashes of a mid green or Aqua. So we decided to use a logo mark along with dark green and gold as her primary colours.

The inspiration behind the logo mark is the intersection of science (Alison’s practice has a strong science bias coming from her science background and BSc Chemistry), nature & nutrition and where the leaves intersect represents Alisons knowledge at the core, the stem funnels the knowledge and expertese into a bowl.

The font used for the logo type is described by the font foundry as “a type-family aimed at publications such as interior design and women magazines – anywhere a touch of distinction is to be desired.”
It has a classic and yet modern feel mixing angular and curved serifs so approachable and refined.


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