7 Ways to drive more traffic to your website

Written by natalie_lacon

On November 27, 2023

Need to drive more traffic to your website?

Here are some tips without using paid ads or without going down the rabbit hole of SEO.

If you’re not already implementing these here is your nudge to do so!

➡️ Leverage Social Media: Make sure your website is listed on all your social media channels.
Share your content and use social media as a tool to drive traffic back to your website.

➡️ Start a blog: Think about your content pillars and setup categories. Post useful content on a regular basic.
Write blog posts that answer questions that your clients and prospects frequently ask you, it’s helpful for your visitors but also Google loves fresh content, over time it will help your website to climb higher in the search engine results

➡️ Add your website link in your email footer. Make it easy for people to click through to your website.

➡️ Add your business and website to any relevant business directories: these could be free or paid. Helpful for people to discover you and good for backlinks.

➡️ Create a Google Business Profile, add as much relevant information as you can and make sure it links to your website. Ask clients to leave reviews for you on Google – send them a link for ease.

➡️ Email Marketing: Set up an email marketing funnel and start collecting email addresses (use a lead magnet + nurture sequence) and send out regular emails, make sure to include links to your website. Your lead magnet should be something of value and ideally a quick win that they could implement to encourage people to part with their email address.

Even better if you can send out your blog post + newsletter at the same time each week ie. every Friday at 12pm (you need to research which time is best for your audience) for example as people come to expect it. Appreciate weekly might be a bit much, but whatever works for you weekly, bi-weekly-monthly etc.

➡️ Collaborate and Network with other businesses:
Guest posting, collaborations, and back linking can help increase your website’s authority and visibility. If you can find some businesses in complimentary fields you can potentially refer and share audiences too.

~ Natalie
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